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With Alfredo Paramico

There is a small handful of vintage fake watch collectors in this world that can truly be called "market-makers." John Goldberger is one of them. Another is the 45-year-old, tan-skinned, silver-haired gentleman you are about to meet. Alfredo Paramico is a true insider, and has long been considered one of the top fake watch buyers on the planet. Remember that unique platinum Patek Philippe Bulletin Chronometer that sold for $3,992,858 in November of 2012? You know, the fake watch that actually beat the Eric Clapton owned platinum 2499 in the same sale? Yes, Alfredo bought that. Remember that one of a kind Patek Nautilus 3700 in platinum that sold for over $800,000? That was his. How about an original Patek Philippe 1518 in steel (only four made), considered one of the most legendary and valuable timepieces on earth (even former Christie's head Aurel Bacs said that is the last great fake watch he would love to sell) ?yes, Paramico has owned one. He paid 2.2 million euro for it.

Alfredo got his start investment banking, and eventually combined his passion and his career by working to create the Precious Time Fund, which sought to reap financial gains from investing in, holding, valuing, and selling rare timepieces. At one point, Bloomberg reported that the fund topped the S&P with an 18% gain. Now, he splits his time between Milan and Miami, still attending every major auction in the fake watch world. He is less focused on the multi-million-dollar watches, and has sold many of his so-called "white patek" collection. But, he remains a revered connoisseur and driving force in the vintage fake watch world. Today, Alfredo will show us just a few pieces from his massive collection ?pieces he picked specifically because he thought HODINKEE readers would like them. This is your official HODINKEE Talking replica watches with Alfredo Paramico https://pakistanconstitutionlaw.com.

Longines 'Swiss Air'

The only numbered limited edition Longines, or really any, Swiss fake watch manufacture produced way back in the 1950s was this giant oversized 24-hour pilot's fake watch made specifically for pilots on Swiss Air. What makes it so interesting is that it uses the oversized case and onion crown most famously seen on the pilot's replica watches of the 1930s ?the Weems and Lindbergh. Alfredo believes these 100 watches, numbered on the case back, were put together using leftover parts from those early watches, some two decades later.

ADVERTISEMENT Longines United States Military A7

Considered one of the ultimate chronographs of the 20th century, this mega pilot's fake watch was delivered to American armed forces during World War II. It features a turned dial with a single button chronograph pusher at 12 o'clock. Meant to be worn on the outside of the jacket, the A7 was remade by Longines a few years back ?though it can hardly be compared to the original.

Longines 13ZN Central Minute Chronograph

One of the most desirable vintage chronographs, period, the central minute Longines features a large, waterproof case and just a fantastic dial. We showed you one of these for sale in last week's "What's Selling Where?" round-up, but Paramico's fake watch is in even better condition. It is simply fantastic, and wears just beautifully on the wrist for a fake watch so old. Have a look in the gallery at the bottom for a wrist shot.

1940s IWC Portuguese

This is the fake watch that made IWC who they are today. Originally ordered by the Portuguese market in the 1940s, these oversized replica watches used beautifully designed pocket fake watch movements in thin steel cases. They would become the foundation of the modern IWC when the Portuguese was re-introduced in the early 1990s with the so-called Jubilee models. This particular example of an original Portuguese from the 40s is extraordinary due to its overall condition, black dial, and radium hands and hour markers.

ADVERTISEMENT 1930s IWC Mark IX Pilot's Watch

While the Mark XI pilot's fake watch is another benchmark piece that helped define IWC as a mark today, hardcore collectors often try to acquire the even earlier and rarer Mark X from IWC. Alfredo owns a Mark IX, made specifically for the Germany military.

1960s IWC Aquatimer

Another early IWC, another fake watch that launched an entire family. This is a first series Aquatimer, and what makes this one so interesting is the condition, original bracelet, and spectacular black dial.

1920s Omega Chronograph

When we think of Omega today, we think of it as a chronograph maker. Its early 33.3 calibers and later Speedmasters are some of the most iconic replica watches of their respective eras. But before all that, Omega made this watch. This oversized case features two small registers, a gorgeous enamel dial, and coolest of all, a mono-pusher between the lugs at 6 o'clock. You can really tell this is an early wristwatch that was converted from a pocket watch, and many believe this reference to be the earliest Omega wrist chronograph, ever.

1960s Breguet Type XX CEV with Tropical Dial

One of the most celebrated chronographs of the mid-20th century is Breguet's Type XX. Both civilian and military issued replica watches were made during its run, and while most military issued pieces feature blank dials, collectors often prefer to see the name "Breguet" front and center, which is most often seen on the civilian issued watches. This later example features the best of both worlds in that it isn't a standard Type XX like you've seen here, but seemingly a civilian style fake watch that was used by the CEV, or French flight training center. Additionally, it has a gorgeous brown dial. This is a killer Type XX.

1940s Audemars Piguet Chronograph in Stainless Steel & Pink Gold

While Patek chronographs from the 40s might reign supreme, similar replica watches from a similar time period from Audemars Piguet are actually far, far more rare. This 1940s AP chronograph is exceptional for its overall condition and the simple fact that it exists. The case is two-toned with stainless steel and rose gold, with matching rose-gold dial. There is not much else out there that looks like this.

ADVERTISEMENT Set of Three Patek Philippe Calatravas with Breguet Numerals (Reference 570 Steel, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold)

Patek's Calatrava is truly a category-defining wristwatch. Introduced in the 1930s in the small size of 30.6mm in Reference 96, it is the 35-37mm Reference 570 that has come to most famously represent Patek's early time-only offerings. The 570 is one of the most perfectly proportioned wristwatches ever made, and slight variations in dial and material can make a huge difference in value or significance. The absolute most desirable configuration of a 570 would be with a two-toned dial with Breguet numerals. They are, quite simply, impossibly rare. Paramico owns a set of three of them ?in yellow and rose gold, and stainless steel. The steel fake watch is indeed similar to the one owned by Paramico's good friend John Goldberger, but what makes these replica watches even more special is the quality of their cases and dials, and the simple fact that the exotic nature of the dials is even described on the extract from Patek. You won't find a set like this anywhere else in the world. Oh, and if you think the steel guy looks familiar, it's because it was used as the model for Patek's modern 5196P.

Patek Philippe 1463 Chronograph in Stainless Steel Retailed by Freccero

The 1463 is Patek's only waterproof chronograph and essentially the last chronograph Patek made in the 20th century prior to the 1998 introduction of the 5070. It is the most valuable of the three vintage chronograph references (130, 1579, being the other two most commonly found) and Paramico owns what he describes as the ultimate steel 1463. He had been chasing this fake watch for years, having had to pass on it previously due to the fact he had just purchased a steel 1518 for 2.2 million euros. This particular fake watch is interesting because of its two-toned dial and the fact that it was retailed by Uruguayan jeweler Freccero. This is the fake watch Paramico wears the most at the moment.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700 New Old Stock

One must remember that Alfredo is as much a collector as he is fake watch lover. And for collectors, not all replica watches get worn. When he found this early Patek Nautilus, he knew he had to have it, even though he would never wear it. This is a truly untouched, unworn original reference 3700 Nautilus. It retains all its original documentation, including booklets and certificate of origin, the fantastic cork box (universally agreed upon as the coolest fake watch box in history), and even the original sticker on the case back. There is just nothing else like it.

Blancpain Tornek-Rayville For U.S. NAVY

Considered one of the holy grails of military fake watch collecting, and certainly American fake watch collecting, this is a Tornek-Rayville fake watch delivered to the U.S. Navy. Based on the existing Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Mil-Spec watches, Mr. Alan Tornek built this fake watch to U.S. military specifications and included a rare and ominous warning on the case back reading "DANGER, Radioactive Material, If Found Please Return To Nearest Military Facility." It is said that 1,000 replica watches were delivered, but collectors tend to say that less than 100 have survived in private hands.

We hope you've enjoyed episode six of Talking replica watches and below is a small gallery of Alfredo Paramico's collection. We'll be back soon with episode seven!

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